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Setting up the HiBob Integration
Setting up the HiBob Integration

Our HiBob integration allows you to sync your employee data with Insightful - completely automatically

Written by Katarina Dakic
Updated over a week ago

Our HRIS integrations are available on all of our packages.

Before you get started

Before setting up the integration, we recommend you read our guide on how the integration works to make sure it fits with how you want to manage Insightful.

Take a look at our guide and FAQs on How our HRIS integrations work.

You can see what HiBob fields we sync with Insightful at the end of this article.

What will happen to your existing data?

Once integrated, integration will override already existing employees' information. The integration will:

  • Update existing employee profiles in Insightful with information found in the HR tool

  • Assign employees to the right teams

  • Deactivate employees in Insightful who have been offboarded in the HR tool

Connect HiBob to Insightful

Integrating HiBob with Insightful couldn’t be simpler. First, you need to connect HiBob to Insightful, and your employees will immediately start syncing.

Please note, that only the Admins can see the integrations and activate them.

To get started head to your Settings - Integrations Card - Directory Tab choose your HR provider and follow the steps required by your company’s HR software.

After you click on Configure Integration, you will be prompted to activate integration first. You will then be guided through the step-by-step screens.

Once you click on the ''Activate'' button, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself with HiBob software.

The sync is completed within a couple of minutes ...

... after which you will be prompted with a matching screen to review and manually match any unmatched employees.

During the synchronization process, we distribute employees to the appropriate teams within Insightful. To ensure that the right people are placed in the correct teams, the team name must be the same in both Hibob and Insightful.

If we do not find an existing team from Hibob in Insightful, we will create a new one. The newly created team will always be labeled as ''New'' on the matching screen.

Note: Ensure you are certain about the matched employees before clicking the Finish button, as there is no undo option after this step.

Incorrect matches can result in changes to employee details like name, email, and team. If a wrong match occurs, you will need to unmatch the employee or match them to the correct person to rectify the data, which can be a cumbersome process. To avoid the hassle, double-check matches before finalizing.

When integration is completed, you will receive a notification.

And voilà! Your employees are now synced, and distributed into the right teams, and their data is enriched.

After you've set up the integration

1. Edit Matched Employees

If you need to edit employee matches after integration is complete, you can do so by clicking on the 'Match Employee' button in the integration overview.

When you click the 'Match Employee' button, you will be directed to the Matching Screen once more. You will be able to:

  • Unmatch employees who are already paired, simply click on 'x'

  • Match already matched employees with other employees

2. Deactivation

You can also deactivate the integration at any point. After deactivation, we will stop syncing the data, and all the data that is already synced will stay in our system.

What fields do we sync from HiBob?

  • Employee's first name

  • Employee's last name

  • Employee's work email

  • Employee's employment status - if they are active or not active employees

  • Employee's job title

  • Employee's team

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