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Initial Account Registration & Setup
Initial Account Registration & Setup

Registering and setting up Insightful for the first time

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Hi there, and welcome to Insightful! In this article, you will find all the necessary instructions for the initial setup of your Insightful account.

You can also take a look at the video below, in which we go through all the steps:

Create Organization

To Sign up to Insightful enter your full name, email, and password. Then click Sign up to proceed.

Create your organization by entering the organization name, phone number, and organization size/ number of employees with Insightful installed.


Choose Personal or Company computers and click the Next Step button.

We will explain the onboarding steps for Company computers first.

Company Computers

App Visibility and Projects Tracking Settings

Insightful can function inconspicuously in the background, with the tracking agent remaining hidden from employees. Alternatively, you have the option to choose to make the tracking agent visible.

Stealth mode - Insightful operates continuously, seamlessly hidden on the computer, capturing data and automatically recording attendance, all while collecting productivity insights from computer activities. It is important to note that different countries have varying regulations concerning data capture of this nature, so it is advisable to familiarize yourself with local and federal laws.

Being completely invisible, stealth mode will not have the option for employees to have any control over when and how Insightful tracks productivity data and will not support Time Tracking on Tasks and Projects for the same reason.

You have the option to choose between Stealth mode and Visible mode for Insightful.

Visible mode means the Insightful icon will always be visible in the app tray. In this mode, you can choose whether to have Insightful run automatically or manually - between Manual and Automatic Attendance tracking scenarios.

In Manual scenarios the employees can Start and Stop manually whereas with the Automatic scenarios Clock in and Clock out times are collected automatically and no user input to start or stop Insightful are needed.

Additionally, you can further customize your preferences, such as enabling Time tracking on Tasks and Projects and adjusting the frequency of Screenshots taken.

If you select to Track time on tasks, you’ll get to project management features.

Screenshots setup

Choose if you will enable screenshots from the start and the number of screenshots you'd like Insightful to take per employee per hour.

Enabling screenshots is optional, but if you decide to utilize them, Insightful allows you to capture up to 24 screenshots per hour per employee.

In Stealth mode, the only customizable option is the frequency of screenshots, as employees are unable to interact with the Insightful app.

The next step will take you to the add employees page, where you'll be able to download our installation file.

Add employees

Adding employees with Company computers done through the Insightful installation file. For each organization, we create one unique file that can be used for all employees. These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Download the installation file.

  2. Distribute it to employees' computers and run the installation.

  3. Depending on your settings, when the installation is complete either nothing will be displayed (Stealth mode) or the Widget or Insightful icon will appear in the app/system tray (Visible mode).

The installation file for Windows computers can be rolled out through the Microsoft terminal setup via active directory or the command line on Mac.

Start collecting data

As soon as the installation is complete, you will see employee names on the Admin dashboard. As soon as they start working on their computers, their activities will be tracked and begin to show up on your dashboard.

Note: If needed, all settings can be changed later on under Settings.

Personal Computers

When you select personal computers you can choose several setting options.

Attendance Tracking Settings for Personal Computers

You have the option to choose whether attendance will be tracked exclusively on Projects and Tasks (suitable for freelancers) or if your employees will require Manual Clock-In. Regardless of your selection, Insightful will only track activities once a freelancer initiates their time on a project or after an employee clocks in.

The Project Based setting will set Insightful to track employees' computer activities when they start the timer on Tasks, and only while they are working on Tasks. Manual Clock-In will set Insightful to start tracking activities when an employee clicks on the Clock In button until they hit Clock Out.

You can check how this will look for employees in the Insightful Onboarding Guide for Employees article.

Screenshots setup

Set the number of screenshots you wish Insightful to take per employee per hour or disable this feature.

After you set up your time and data capturing preferences, you’ll proceed to the add employees screen.

Invite Employees

Send the Insightful installation file to your employees by simply entering their Email, Full Name, and the Team they belong to. The full name you enter here will be the name you will see on the dashboards. You can assign employees to a default Team or create a new one, depending on how many teams will use Insightful.

Click Send Invites, and your employees will receive an invite email with the download link to install the Insightful widget and create their login credentials.

Note: Only after your employees finish these steps and start using the Insightful widget will their data start showing up on your Admin Dashboards.

After sending the invites, you will be informed about you and your employees' next steps - based on the previously selected settings.

Note: If you are not yet prepared to add your employees, you have the option to input your email address and install Insightful on your own device. This allows you to become familiar with the platform. Alternatively, you can choose to skip this final step and proceed directly to the dashboard, completing the setup process.

Regardless of how you choose to configure your initial settings, you can always make changes later by accessing the "Settings" menu and selecting "Tracking Settings."

Start Tracking Data

When your employees install the Insightful installation file, they will be able to Clock in/out or start tracking time on their tasks via the widget on their desktop.

Note: As soon as employees Clock In for the first time or start the Timer on their first task, their data will show up on your Insightful dashboard.

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