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Insightful Onboarding Guide for Employees [Personal Computers]
Insightful Onboarding Guide for Employees [Personal Computers]

Steps your employees need to do so that Insightful starts showing data on the Dashboards when Manual or Project-based Attendance is set

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There are a couple of steps the employees with Personal computers should take in order for Insightful to start collecting data - you can find all the details in this article.

STEP 1 - Welcome to Insightful

Each invited Employee will receive a Welcome to Insightful email. They will then need to click on the Start using Insightful button in the email, which will lead them to the Set up password page.

👉 Feel free to share the following video with your team to help them understand the required steps.

Note: Employees working with Personal computers will be visible on your employees' dashboard as soon as you send them the invitation via email. However, they will be grayed out, and no data will be collected until they complete all the necessary steps.

STEP 2 - Set up password 

Each employee will need to create and confirm their Insightful login password.

STEP 3 - Download the Installation file

After successfully creating the password, each employee will see the download screen where they should choose the OS for which they are downloading the Insightful installation file.

Depending on the OS chosen, the employee will get a .dmg or .exe installation file downloaded to their computer which they need to run. After successful installation, the Insightful widget will show up on their computer screen and its icon will be in apps or on the desktop.

Note: Due to the macOS extensive privacy control, users will see a popup after workpuls.dmg is installed. The system will prompt them to allow Insightful control over accessibility features. They should click on the Open System Preferences button and check Insightful to allow permission.

STEP 4 - Log in 

When the Insightful widget is activated for the first time, the employee will need to use the invite email received from the Admin and the created password from Step 2 to Sign in. On the next screen, they will choose the company and, depending on the Time Tracking settings, one of the following tracking modes:

STEP 5 - Clock In / Start Tracking Time on a Task

Depending on how Insightful is set to track productivity, the employees will have to either Clock In for Manual Attendance on their widget,

or start a Task timer on Projects and Tasks display widget for Project-based option. After they clock in or start the task timer, the apps and websites they use will start appearing on your Admin dashboard.

Note: If you have Insightful set for Manual Attendance and Time Tracking on Projects, employees will have two tabs on their widget and will have to Clock In first before starting the Timer for a Task.

👉 Good to know: For a more detailed walkthrough of the widget, you can watch the video below:

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