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Permissions and Settings Requirements [macOS]
Permissions and Settings Requirements [macOS]

Learn how to set macOS user's privacy permissions and system settings that are needed by Insightful

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In order for Insightful to operate seamlessly on your macOS, certain of its system settings and privacy permissions will need to be set accordingly to enable it. Please follow these few easy steps to ensure it is done:

1. Click on the Apple menu.

โ€‹2. Go to Security & Privacy settings.

3. Click on Privacy to get to the Privacy tab.

4. You will see the Privacy options on the left side. Make sure Insightful is checked for the following:

  • Accessibility

  • Full disk access

  • Screen recording

  • Automation (for websites tracking, check web browsers below Insightful icon to allow tracking)

After checking the unchecked boxes, please reboot your device.

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