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How to download Insightful installation [Personal Computers]
How to download Insightful installation [Personal Computers]

How can personal computer users download Insightful app after they initially got it from the invitation email

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If your Employees fail to download the software from the link in their invitation email, or if they need to install it on another computer they are also working on, here are the steps how to get Insightful installation downloaded:
From the Employee page

Employee can use their login credentials created to Sign In onto their Insightful widget for attendance and time tracking on as well. This will lead to their Employee page where they can view their own attendance, productivity, and visited apps and websites if permissions are set that way. They can also download Insightful installation.

  • Click on Download, last item on the sidebar dashboards list

  • Select if you wish to download for macOS or Windows

  • Download will start

Note: Users should have their login credentials created as a precondition for both using Insightful and being able to perform the steps described in this article. This is achieved by adding them as employee from admin dashboard.

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