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When can Company Computers Automatically Clock-Out?
When can Company Computers Automatically Clock-Out?

Learn about Clock-Out with Automatic Tracking Scenarios and setting thresholds other than the default on Company Computers

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Automatic Clock-Out for Company Computers is a feature designed to streamline attendance tracking and ensure accurate time recording.

By automatically clocking out users based on their last activity or prolonged inactivity, Insightful simplifies the process of monitoring employee shifts. This feature is particularly useful for scenarios where employees may forget to manually clock out or when prolonged inactivity indicates the end of a shift.

Admins and Managers have the flexibility to customize the automatic clock-out threshold to align with their organization's specific needs.

Automatic Clock-Out Scenarios

Your Company computer might Automatically Clock-Out out in a few situations:

  1. Usually, your Clock-Out time is noted as the last thing you do on the computer, like shutting it down. This helps in case you forget to clock out when your shift ends, and you are automatically clocked out when you turn off the computer.

  2. Automatic Clock-Out can also happen when your computer detects that you’ve been inactive for a long time. This is what we call the Shift Threshold.

  3. For Automatic attendance tracking scenarios, automatic Clock-Out is expected behavior as it is part of the automated process.

Last activity registered by Insightful will be considered as a Clock-Out timestamp.

How does Automatic Clock-Out work?

The system monitors user inactivity based on lack of interaction for a specific period, which is by default set to 4 hours. When no interaction is detected for the set timeframe, the system assumes the user is no longer present and performs an automated action, such as Clocking them out. This duration can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

When does Automatic Clock-Out occur?

The Clock-Out time reflects the last recorded activity before the inactivity period began.

For example, if the user’s last activity was recorded at 5 PM then the user went idle, Insightful will Clock-Out at 9 PM after 4 hours (once the shift threshold is reached), with a timestamp on the dashboard of the last activity recorded (5 PM).

How to change Automatic Clock-Out time?

Admins and Managers can modify the 4-hour threshold by following the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select Advanced Settings in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Look for the option to change the Shift Threshold.

  4. Set it to the desired time (e.g., 6 hours, 8 hours).

This feature exists to ensure accurate time recording and prevent inaccurate overtime accrual.

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