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Inactivity dialogs - Project based tracking
Inactivity dialogs - Project based tracking

Inactivity dialogs which proactively inform Project based tracking scenario users about their idle state and clock-out time

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Inactivity dialogs are designed to help keep track of time, focus on priorities and maintain optimal productivity levels by prompting users, after a certain amount of inactive time has been detected while Insightful is running, and offering them to select the reason for inactivity and thus account for their time.

When these dialogs are prompted can be different depending on the Attendance tracking scenario selected for an organization and permissions set for users.

Users with a Project based tracking scenario might encounter a few different inactivity dialogs. Here are the possible scenarios:

User is inactive for at least 10 minutes, but less than 20 minutes

The action taken by the user to the dialog will determine how time is categorized:

  • Yes, I was working offline - counts detected Inactive time as Idle time.
    If Manual Time permissions are granted, the user can add this offline time using Manual time entry.

  • No, but I’ll continue - counts detected Inactive time as Idle time.

  • No, I wasn’t - a new pop-up prompt appears, asking the user whether they would like to continue working on the task or finish it.

  • I will continue work - inactive time is categorized as idle time.

  • Stop task - The task is stopped, no further activity is logged, and the shift ends.

User is inactive for more than 20 minutes

After 20 minutes, Insightful will stop the task and auto clock out if there is no break allowed.

User is inactive beyond the shift threshold

Once the shift threshold is reached both the task and shift are stopped and the last activity is counted as the clock-out time.

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