Insightful employees that have in app break time allowed and set by Insightful admin will have a button to start using their break time, along with remaining assigned time for their breaks.

If Break time overage is allowed by Insightful admin, break time can be used even after employee user exceeds the assigned break time.

With overnight shifts, note that assigned break time refreshes at the end of the day - it's refreshing on a daily basis not based on shifts. If you used up your break time after midnight, upon logging in on your next shift on the same date and before midnight, your break time will still be used up. After midnight it will refresh.

Company computer users, ones that are on Automatic attendance tracking scenarios, can access break time by opening quick window from the tray:

  • Locate Insightful icon in the app or system tray

  • Right mouse click on it to open quick window

  • Select Start break

  • To stop break time timer do the same steps and select Stop Break

Personal computer users, and Company ones with Manual attendance tracking scenario will have break button displayed on their widget, along with time left available:

  • To Start / Stop Break time timer, click on Take a Break / Stop the Break button.

‚ĚóNote: If you can't press your break time button (it is grayed out), your break time is all used up for the day.

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