When enabled, this feature will sync new users from your Active Directory (AD) into Insightful platform.

❗ Note: Identification and AD synchronization settings will take effect only if they were configured before the employee was created - they won't affect existing Insightful employees.

To enable syncing user info with AD, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on Settings on the sidebar

  • Select Tracking Settings

  • Click on the Advanced Settings button

  • Check Use Active Directory box to enable syncing between Insightful and AD users

❗ Note: When active, new users synced through AD will override your preferred identification settings and will be identified as domain/user.

What data can be used?

  • Email address - this option will allow Insightful to fetch and use email address from the email field in user object in active directory

  • Team - AD department will be considered as a Insightful team equivalent. Employees added from AD will be placed in the team with the same name as their department in the AD.
    ❗ Note: The user's department / team name will be taken from the department field in the user object in active directory.

  • Tracking Settings - create specific tracking settings template for each AD department / Insightful team. Each employee added will have specific tracking settings template applied based on their AD department field in user object

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