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Active Directory - Scheduled Task Insightful deployment
Active Directory - Scheduled Task Insightful deployment

How to install the Insightful package by running a scheduled PowerShell script

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When you cannot deploy Insightful using a regular GPO Software Installation method you can follow the steps from this article to successfully deploy our software.

We recommend using this deployment type in certain scenarios, few of them being :

  • When you have remote computers connecting to a VPN using some software;

  • You don't want to run all computers under single Organization account in Insightful;

  • Slow network for remote site / office

NOTE: For our scheduled task to succeed there are few conditions that will need to be met. Triggers for the scheduled task should be set right, so that the scheduled task is executed while the computer is connected to the VPN, and be connected long enough for the process to be finished. This process requires a few more steps than a regular GPO Software installation method, but in today's remote environment is much more effective.

General steps are following:

  1. Place Insightful MSI file on the network

  2. Download and place PowerShell script on the network - you can download it here

  3. Create GPO for Scheduled Task

  4. Deploy GPO

If you need additional guidance, you can find detailed steps and basic troubleshooting in the detailed guide by clicking here.

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