Auto-labeling: Introduction

How to automatically categorize the apps and websites your team uses as productive, neutral, or unproductive.

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When labeling apps and websites, administrators have the ability to switch between two modes:

  • Recommendations Mode

  • Auto-labeling Mode

    • Auto-labeling: Recommendations Mode offers suggestions on how to best categorize unlabeled applications and websites; however, you must still manually apply the recommended labels.

    • When Auto-labeling Mode is enabled, all the recommended apps/websites will become auto-labeled in real-time. All unlabeled apps and websites will be automatically labeled in real-time without requiring any input from you.

Please note, that this feature is available only at organizational level, which means that only administrators have the permission to use it.

Auto-labeling modes are particularly helpful when the list of unlabeled apps that your team uses is growing, and automatic labeling ensures that all your labels are up to date. This ensures that your data analytics and productivity metrics remain accurate, allowing you to maximize the potential of your data.

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