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HRIS Integrations: Introduction
HRIS Integrations: Introduction

Once connected, our HRIS integration will keep your employee data up-to-date in Insightful, onboard and offboard employees automatically

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Streamline workforce management with convenient integration with your HR tool. Our HRIS integrations are available with all of our packages.

Available HRIS integrations

How Our HRIS Integrations Work

1. Keep your employee data in Insightful updated

Automatic sync keeps your employee information in Insightful up to date, whether that’s a change to the name, work email, or the employment status of active/inactive employees or teams. After integration is complete, data of your already existing employees in Insightful will be enriched with the following data from your HR tool:

  • Employee's first name

  • Employee's last name

  • Employee's work email

  • Employee's employment status

  • Employee's job title

  • Employee's team/group

Before integration

Before Employee Data Sync

After integration: we will automatically fill in employees’ data and assign them to teams within the Insightful app

Active HRIS Integration

HRIS Integration enriched employee data

2. Assign employees to the right teams automatically
Integration conveniently puts the right people into the right teams automatically. If during the sync, we do not find an already existing team in Insightful, we will create a new one

HRIS integration set up

3. One source of truth for employee data

Once you sync Insightful with your HR tool, your HR tool serves as a single source of truth. If you need to change employee data, do so in the HR tool, and Insightful will update accordingly during the next sync.

4. Automatic periodic sync

Automatic periodic syncs run to keep Insightful data up-to-date, or you can manually initiate a re-sync. Automatic syncing applies changes from the HR tool, which will become visible in our tool as soon as a minute up to 30 minutes.

Manually initiated re-sync:

HRIS integration automatic sync

HRIS integration automatic sync

5. Easy offboarding

If an employee is offboarded in your HR tool, we will automatically deactivate the employee in Insightful as well, meaning we will no longer track data for those users

Once an employee is offboarded in your HR tool, we will deactivate the employee in Insightful, too.

HRIS integration employee offboarding

Check if it’s right for you

  • One HR tool for one organization: Only one integration with the HR tool can be active at a time. CSV upload is considered an HR tool, which means organizations can choose either CSV or the HR tool integration, but not both simultaneously.

  • Employees need to already exist in Insightful: Sync can be done only for employees that already exist in Insightful so we can connect them.

Still have questions? Send us a message in our help chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the integration sync?

Automatic sync happens every 15 minutes. You can manually trigger a re-sync from the Settings Overview page at any time. On your Admin Settings page, we'll also tell you how long ago your last sync was.

What will happen to my existing data in Insightful after sync?

Once integrated, integration will override existing employee information. The integration will:

  • Update existing employee profiles in Insightful with information found in the tool

  • Assign employees to the right teams

  • Deactivate employees in Insightful who have been offboarded in the HR tool

Can I change the employee's details in Insightful after sync

Once integration is active, fields pulled from the HR tool cannot be overwritten. If you need to change employee data, do so in the HR tool, and Insightful will update accordingly during the next sync.

HRIS integration rules

Can I prevent certain employees from being synced with an HR tool?

You can edit the matching of employees and unmatch already matched employees. You can do this via the edit button in the integration overview. After you unmatch employees, we will no longer re-sync data for those employees, but the data already synced will remain.

Do you sync all Time Off/PTO?

We are currently working on syncing time off into Insightful as well as bringing enhanced visibility into employee availability.

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