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Enabling Engagement levels on MacOS devices
Enabling Engagement levels on MacOS devices

How to give Insightful permission to track Employee Engagement Levels on macOS Catalina

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Enabling Employee Engagement Levels on macOS devices allows Insightful to accurately track and reflect employee mouse & keyboard engagement, providing valuable insights for workforce optimization.

To achieve this, Insightful needs Input Monitoring permission granted by macOS users (if such permission is not granted Engagement levels of employees will be shown as 0% within Insightful application).

Steps to enable Input Monitoring permission

To enable Input Monitoring permission on Mac users have to do the following:

  1. On your Mac, select System Preferences from the Apple menu;

  2. Click the icon labeled Security & Privacy;

  3. Click the Input Monitoring tab at the top;

4. In the lower-left corner click on Lock to make changes;

5. Click on + to add the application;

6. Click on MacintoshHD;

7. Choose LibraryApplication Support;

8. Click on WorkpulsWorkpuls;

9. Once everything above is selected click on the Open button in the lower right corner and Input Monitoring permission will be granted.

Engagement levels will be shown as 0% for users having agent versions lower than 7.1.47.

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