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Can I have different Price Plans for different Employees?
Can I have different Price Plans for different Employees?

Learn when you can and when you can't have different Employees on different Price Plans.

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Insightful offers several different price plans businesses can choose form depending on their specific needs. In most cases they will choose one price plan but in certain cases they might decide to go for more.

For example, the Productivity Management plan would be selected for one subsidiary of the company whereas the Process Improvement plan would be selected the company's another subsidiary.

In such scenarios companies would have different price plans for their employees operating within different organizations

Each organization needs to be aligned with its corresponding price plan, subscription and invoice. Therefore, if a business wants to have its different organizations on different price plans, they would need to have more than one subscription and receive more than one invoice in order for that to be possible.

Having employees within the same organization on different price plan is, however, not possible.

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