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How do you charge for adding or removing employees?
How do you charge for adding or removing employees?

What happens when you add or remove employees from Insightful

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During any billing cycle you are free to add or remove as many employees as you like. By design, we've made this frictionless, as, for example, when installing Insightful using the Company Computer option, new employees are added each time the file is installed on a device.

So, how does this work?

Monthly billing

At the beginning of each billing cycle you are billed for the current amount of employees on the account, at that time.

If you add or remove an employee from your account during the month, our billing system will automatically recognize that and manage the prorated charge on your next invoice.

Note: Insightful does not charge for deactivated employees.

Annual billing

In case you upgrade your plan or add more employees than what you started with at the beginning of your annual contract, you will be billed for this expansion once the amount exceeds $200.

When this happens, a pro-rata invoice will be created and charged in accordance with your subscription start date.

For example:

  • You start an annual subscription for 10 employees on January 8th.

  • Afterward you expand to 50 employees within your first month.

  • On February 8th you will receive an invoice for the pro-rated difference between when the employees were added and the end of your regular annual billing term e.g. if you add an employee 10 days into your billing term, you will be billed for 365 days - 10 = 355 days, in accordance with your standard per user price.

Note: Payments that should be triggered on 29th, 30th and 31st in the month will happen on the last day of the given month in case it’s shorter than the month of your subscription start, e.g. if your subscription started on Jan 31st, but you have an expansion invoice due in April, this invoice will be charged on April 30th.

If you downsize the number of monitored employees or downgrade your plan, your next regular invoice will be reduced accordingly.

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