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How to start tracking Attendance and employee's productivity with manual Clock In and Clock Out; Difference between Manual and Project Based

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You have been prompted to choose between Manual or Project based Attendance tracking when you went through your on boarding process. Both tracking methods require user's input. Main difference is in order for Insightful to start Tracking activities and show employee data on Admin dashboards, employees need to either Clock In (for Manual Attendance), or start working on a Task (for Project Based Attendance). Note that this can be easily changed in Settings after on boarding process is finished.


Project Based Attendance 

  • Tracking employee Attendance and Productivity data such as screenshots, apps and websites used, etc... through Projects and Tasks feature. 

  • Only for the time when certain Task Timer is active on employee Time Tracking Widget, computer activities and Attendance will be analyzed and recorded by Insightful along with time spent on tasks. 

Manual Attendance means that Insightful will start recording time and tracking Productivity when employee clicks on Clock In button and will keep doing so until employee clicks Clock Out. Every app and website visited, time employee spent Idle, screenshots, all other features will be recorded or not depending on the fact if employee is Clocked In or Clocked Out. 

Note: As it's name says, Manual Attendance is dependent on users manually Clocking In when they are working and Clocking Out when they are not. Attendance data of an employee will be generated based on these actions.

Admin/Manager activities - 

 When employee is Clocked In, Insightful starts collecting and then showing data on the dashboards without any preconditions or setup by Admins or Managers needed.

Employees' activities

Clock In / Clock Out button for employees will be on their widget along with a list of their shifts - when it started when it ended and for how long it lasted.

  • Clicking on the Clock In button at the begging of working hours / shift will create Clock In timestamp on the Admin dashboards and start Insightful process of productivity and attendance monitoring;

  • Clicking on the Clock Out button will create a Clock out timestamp, and it will stop productivity and attendance monitoring process;

  • Clock In and Clock Out can be pressed several times during a day, which will create multiple shifts under one business day. In this scenario Admin Dashboard will have multiple shifts listed for an employee. Still, first ever Clock In and very last Clock Out will be considered as timestamps when an employee started working and when they stopped for the day.

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