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Time and Attendance
Introduction to Time & Attendance
Introduction to Time & Attendance

An overview of the different ways you can track Time & Attendance with Insightful.

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Insightful has multiple different Time & Attendance scenarios. Choosing the one that is right for you is dependent on how you've deployed Insightful and how you want your staff to engage with Insightful.

A quick summary of each option is here, with a link to a detailed page where you can learn more:

  • Automatic Attendance [Company Computers]
    If you're using Insightful on Company Computers you can use our Automatic Time and Attendance scenario. In this mode there is no employee input required, all times are calculated based on activity data and your settings.

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  • Manual Attendance *Most Common
    With our Manual attendance option employees clock in and out of their days using the virtual time-clock in the Insightful application. This gives your employees the most control of when their day/starts and stops (and when to take breaks), and Insightful respects their privacy and doesn't track anything when they're not actively clocked-in.

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  • Project-Based Attendance
    With our Project-Based attendance option time (and activities) are only tracked when staff start/stop working on specific project/tasks that you have setup. This again gives your employees a lot more control over when Insightful is operating as well as provides very accurate and insightful data for you at the task/project level, vs. generally at a 'shift' or 'day' level.

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