Project based Attendance Tracking

How to start tracking Time on Tasks, Attendance and Productivity; Difference between Manual and Project Based Attendance tracking

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One of the choices you are faced with during Insightful on boarding process is Attendance tracking, it can be Manual or Project based for Personal Computers use. Main difference is in order for Insightful to start Tracking activities and show employee data on Admin dashboards you need to Clock In (for Manual Attendance), or start working on a Task (for Project Based Attendance). Both tracking methods require user's input in order to start. Note that this can be changed anytime after you finished on boarding from Shared Settings.


When Manual Attendance is in effect, Insightful will record time and track Productivity between Clock In and a Clock Out. Every app and website visited, every Idle time moments, screenshots, all other features will be analyzed or not analyzed depending on the fact if employee is Clocked In or Clocked Out. 

Project Based Attendance tracking will, on the other hand, grant you the option to create and track work on projects and tasks but also to track employee Attendance through Projects and Tasks feature. Meaning, only for the time when certain Task Timer is active computer activities will be analyzed and recorded by Insightful along with time spent on tasks.

If you decided to use Project based Attendance tracking here are some steps to get you started and to get real time employee data displayed on Admin dashboards.

STEP 1 ; Admin step - Choose Project based tracking; Enable employees to Start/Stop Task timer and add Tasks themselves.

First go to Settings >> Tracking Settings and select Project based tracking scenario.

Next, you need to create a project which you can do on Projects tracking dashboard by clicking Add new Project and assigning employees. This way first project and add new task button will appear on employee widget. You can optionally create tasks for an employee and assign them yourself.

Tip: Make sure that Allow Employees to Add new Tasks option is checked if you wish to enable employees to add Tasks themselves. This can be found under Settings page, by clicking on 3 dots on the right side of Personal Computers Settings.

STEP 2; User/Employee step - Start, Stop and Add Tasks

Instead of Clock In and Clock Out, attendance data will be based on the time frame employee spent on Tasks during the day. In order for Insightful to get the attendance data employees need to manually Start/Stop Task timer whenever they are working on any. Employees can also add new Task if what they need doing is not currently on the list. 

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