Whitelist Insightful in Antivirus software

Create an exception or exclusion for Insightful if you have an active Antivirus software

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Insightful is tested with most of modern Antivirus softwares and there are no known conflicts with any of them.
Given multiple variables such as OS version, network connection type, different Antivirus softwares and vast array of settings that can be applied to each - we recommend creating an Insightful exception / exclusion in your active Antivirus to have Insightful syncing data.

How to create an exception for Insightful

To proceed with creating exception for Insightful app - simply find Exceptions or Exclusions in settings of the Antivirus you are using and add workpuls-agent folder or workpuls.exe.

  • Path to the folder in Windows OS is:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\workpuls-agent (value username being currently logged in account's folder)

  • Path to the folder in macOS is:
    ~/library/Application Support/workpuls-agent

If your data is not being synced any you want to test whether its your Antivirus blocking it and you disable it for the purpose - for that to work you would need to uninstall Insightful and then install it again and validate the data sync (while your Antivirus is still disabled)

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