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Lear more about Insightful's screenshots capturing function to better understand how to resolve most common challenges you may come across

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If you're not seeing Screenshots captured for yourself or a member of your team as you would have expected, please refer to this guide to better understand how and when screenshots are captured in Insightful as well as why they might not be appearing in your application dashboard.

Screenshots missing for certain dates

  • You will see only the screenshots for the date (or dates) you have selected on the calendar in the upper left corner of your Screenshots page in Insightful:

Screenshots not always appearing when expected

  • Screenshots will not be taken while an employee is Idle.

  • Screenshot intervals are randomized, you will not see them appear within the same time span between two of them,

  • If employees are using personal devices - Insightful will only capture screenshots when an employee is clocked in and never when they are clocked out, or on a break.

Screenshots are black or showing desktop with no content on them

  • If all screenshots are black for a user with Windows OS, check if they have installed any privacy controlling third party software at the time you started seeing black screenshots,

Verifying your Screenshots settings

  • Make sure you set up Screenshots in Settings → Tracking Settings,

  • Validate if shared settings have been overridden at the individual employee level as this could potentially change/disabled this functionality.

    • Verify it by clicking on employee name and clicking on settings button next to their name.

  • If you have merged employee users make sure that the employee user(s) you are utilizing after the merge (whether its the source or the destination employee or both) have their Screenshots settings adjusted the way you want them,

  • If you need to activate more screenshots then you currently have, go to Settings → Tracking Settings and you can set Insightful to take up to 30 screenshots per hour for each employee.

Verifying your Antivirus and VPN Settings

You would need to validate if your data is being synced in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to check a date on the Timesheet of an employee you know has been working on that date. If no data is shown on the Timesheet then most likely its either your Internet connection or your Antivirus software blocking the data.

For Screenshots to appear as expected in your Insightful dashboard, the application and data must not be blocked by your Antivirus or VPN software.

Antivirus Settings

Insightful is tested with most of modern Antivirus softwares and there are no known conflicts with any of them. We do, however, recommend creating an Insightful exception / exclusion in your active Antivirus to have Insightful syncing data.

VPN settings

There are several options to choose from, depending on your specific needs and possibilities, to make sure VPN ia not blocking the data.

  1. The first option is to use the MAC address of your office routers (default gateways) when defining an office location. This means that your employees will only be considered working from the office when they are connected to office routers.

  2. The second option is to implement split tunneling in your VPN configuration, which allows you to exclude traffic to Insightful endpoints from the VPN tunnel. This can be achieved by modifying your VPN configuration and excluding Insightful’s domain or public IP from the VPN configuration, such as:

    By doing so, employees’ internet traffic will be split between the VPN tunnel and the public internet, allowing you to track their location while still providing secure access to your corporate resources.

  3. The third option is to set up your network in a way that allows employees who are physically in your office and connected to the VPN to have a different public IP address than those who are connected to the VPN from other locations. This will allow you to track the location of employees who are in the office while still allowing remote employees to use the VPN.

Still having issues with Screenshots?

If you are still having issues with screenshots after going through this guide, please contact us at: and include the following information so we can expedite our support:

  • Name of the employee,

  • OS user is running on their computer (Windows or macOS),

  • Period of time for which you don't see the screenshots,

  • Any other reporting discrepancies or missing data besides screenshots,

  • Any other information you believe will be relevant.

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