Minimum System & Network Requirements

OS requirements, application footprint, bandwidth consumption and supported browsers

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OS requirements

  • Windows OS - at least Windows 7 with .net framework package ver. 4.0 or higher installed. On Windows 8 and 10 versions, Insightful will run without having to have installed any additional packages;

  • macOS - OS X 10.12 Sierra version and newer.

Hardware requirement

There is no minimum hardware requirement to run Insightful on any device. As long as OS requirements are met, it will be able to start. Application footprint - resource usage of Insightful is following:

  • 40 - 120 MB RAM, depending on what features are being used;

  • less than 1% CPU.


Insightful is maintaining low bandwidth consumption with its core functions of attendance and productivity tracking. Screenshots feature activation will lead to a slight, but not significant increase.

  • ~660KB every 10 minutes without Screenshots,

  • ~1.5MB per screenshot additionally with the Screenshots feature.

Note: Screenshot size is affected by the following requirements:

  • Screen resolution

  • Number of monitors

  • Network setup

Supported browsers 

Insightful web app can work on the list of browsers following below. The platform could be run on other modern browsers as well but we can not guarantee that it will perform or look as intended. 

  • Chrome 99 and newer.

  • Safari 15.5 and newer.

  • Firefox 102 and newer.

  • Microsoft Edge 110 and newer.

  • Opera 98 and newer.

Browsers for mobile devices and Internet Explorer are not supported.

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