Is my Credit Card Safe?

Lear what happens with your credit card data and how it is processed

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When you enter your credit card information into Insightful during your subscription period, it is encrypted and sent to Stripe, our 3rd party PCI Compliant billing partner.

Please note that Insightful application never receives or stores your credit card information.

3D Secure (3DS)

Stripe uses Stripe 3D Secure (3DS) for card payment as part of regulations. 3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication method that provides an additional layer of authentication for credit card transactions, protecting against fraudulent actors.

If you are trying to subscribe using a card that requires 3DS verification, as an additional security step you will encounter a prompt.

A 3DS authentication prompt:

  1. If you choose the option Complete Authentication - You’ll be redirected to your issuing bank page to authenticate the card.

  2. If you click on the Cancel button in the upper right corner or hit the Fail Authentication option - You will receive an email from Stripe allowing you to trigger the 3DS verification process and complete the authentication.

If a card needs 3DS verification, you must finish the 3DS authentication before subscribing. This means you won't be able to subscribe until you have completed this step.

By implementing this process, we aim to simplify subscribing as well as provide a seamless and transparent authentication experience.

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