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Setting up Two-factor Authentication [2FA]
Setting up Two-factor Authentication [2FA]

Steps for activating 2FA for your Insightful login

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Step 1:

Go to personal settings by clicking on you name in the lower left corner of the web platform.

Step 2:

Switch to the Password tab on the Personal Settings Dashboard and locate Two Factor Authentication on the bottom of the page.

Step 3:

Click on the Activate button to get the QR code and a 24-digit code for activating 2FA on your authenticator app.

Step 4:

Open your authenticator app and add a new time-based token or, depending on the app you've chosen, you will be faced with next step directly.

Step 5:

Scan the QR code from within the authenticator app or enter the 24-digit secret key manually (click on I want to enter the secret key manually below QR code in Insightful settings to get the code) to create Insightful authenticator account.

Step 6:

❗Store the recovery code you will be provided at this step and keep in mind that you will need it if you ever lose the access to your authenticator app and are unable to login to Insightful.

Step 7:

Get the security code from the authenticator app and type it in the next window in Insightful settings.

Step 8:

Press the Activate button. If the security code was correct, you will see this window and your 2FA is successfully enabled.

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