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How to do the initial setup of your Subscription, Price Plan, Billing Address, and Credit Card in the Insightful application

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You can easily set up your subscription and choose a price plan with your Insightful account.

1. Choose a Price Plan

First, choose an Insightful price plan that best fits your business needs and has the features you want to use. Don't worry, you can always switch price plans at any point, as well as switch from a monthly to an annual plan to take advantage of our annual discount.

You can access the plan selection page here or by clicking on the following links in the apply:

Click on the trial banner:

2. Billing details

After selecting a price plan, the next step will be to fill in your billing details:

Depending on your company's address and the sales tax regulations in your country, you may be asked to provide your Tax ID type and TAX ID number along with your address.

3. Payment Method Setup

After you’ve selected the price plan, the next step is to enter your credit card information used to bill your account.

Please note, some customers may be subject to sales taxes. Tax obligations and rates are determined based on the company’s current address. If applicable, sales tax charges will be displayed in the Plan section and included in the Total amount.

In case we also collect tax in your jurisdiction, you will see the sales tax amount at this step.

Before you hit the Subscribe button in the lower right corner, make sure you’ve chosen the right plan and that the number of seats you subscribe to is correct.

The subscription requires a minimum of one active license (1 active employee). If you have some deactivated or pending licenses without any active ones, you won’t be able to subscribe.

If you need any help with your account setup, please contact us at!

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