Thanks for your continued interest to move forward with Insightful! 👏

Getting set up with a paid plan is easy and can be all managed through your account. You can access the plan selection page by clicking here or via one of the following links in the application:

  • Either by clicking on the trial banner

Choose a Plan

The first step is to choose an Insightful price plan based on the features that you wish to use. Don't worry, you can always switch price plans at anytime later (as well as switching from monthly to an annual plan to take advantage of our annual discount):

Credit Card Setup

After selecting a plan you will be able to set up the credit card which will be used for billing:

What's next?

Congrats on setting up billing and moving to a paid plan! 🎉 We're confident in the value you're going to receive from Insightful. Our team is here to support you at every step. Do you need some help with account setup and on-boarding? Let us us know at!

Frequently Asked Questions

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