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Setting Up Zoho Bug Tracker Integration
Setting Up Zoho Bug Tracker Integration

Sync your projects and bug tracking with Insightful's Zoho Bug Tracker Integration

Written by Katarina Dakic
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Insightful's integration with Zoho Bug Tracker allows you to track time on your projects and dive deep into your team's time allocation. This can help you improve productivity, identify bottlenecks, and make better decisions about resource allocation.

πŸ‘‰ Please note: Zoho Bug Tracker is accessible with the Time Tracking, Process Improvement and Enterprise plans. If you are currently using the Productivity Management plan, you'll need to upgrade your plan before syncing with Zoho Bug Tracker.

Zoho Bug Tracker Integration Setup

To set up Zoho Bug Tracker integration with Insightful, you will need to be an Admin.

To synchronize Insightful with your project management tool, navigate to the Settings β†’ Integrations page β†’ Project Management (Beta), and then click on Configure Integration:

After clicking on Configure Integration, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself with a Zoho Bug Tracker.

You will then be guided through the step-by-step screen.

Choose Projects From Zoho Bug Tracker You Want To Sync With Insightful

After successfully completing the initial authentication process, you will be taken to the Project Selection Screen. Here, you will see a list of all projects with checkboxes next to them. Each selected project will be added as a new project within Insightful.

Map unmatched users between Zoho Bug Tracker and Insightful

After successfully making your project selections, as an admin, you'll be directed to the User Matching Screen.

We automatically perform user matching based on email addresses. If email addresses do not align, we proceed to match users based on their full names (requiring an exact match of both First Name & Last Name).

In situations where we cannot identify matches using both email and full name, these users will remain unmatched. In such instances, you can manually match these users.

❗ Note: Time tracking is not available for unmatched users. Only tasks assigned to individuals we can match with project management can be tracked. Tickets assigned to unmatched users will be synced but remain unassigned in Insightful.

This is the final step of the setup process. Once successfully completed, you can immediately start tracking time for both projects and tasks.

If you skip the user mapping process during the initial setup, you can revisit user mapping at any point. To do this, navigate to Settings β†’ Integration β†’ Edit β†’ Edit Employees.

You also have the option to edit the list of projects you wish to syn with Insightful at any time. To do so, navigate to Settings β†’ Integration β†’ Edit β†’ Edit Projects.

Time Tracking Widget

After setting up the integration successfully, projects will appear in the employees' time tracking widget. Employees can easily track time for their projects and bugs by initiating the timer with a single click using the user-friendly Insightful widget.

Learn more about Time Tracking for Projects in the video below:

Gain deeper insights into your team's productivity

Now you're all set! When you navigate to your Projects, you'll have complete visibility into your time allocation across projects, bugs, and employees.

When you click on each project, you'll gain deep insights into every task and the assigned employees. By examining the efficiency of each project, you can remove bottlenecks, optimize for productivity and resource allocation, and ultimately increase profitability.

Maximize Your Workforce Efficiency

Understand your teams' working patterns to strive for peak performance. Upon delving into each project, you'll find insights such as:

  • Total Time on Task, Income, Labor Cost, and Productivity: Monitor and Bill Time Accurately.

  • Assigned Employees: Gain insight into how different employees allocate their time across tasks and projects to eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Time Spent on Tasks: Observe the allocation of time throughout the task duration.

  • Screenshots: Utilize screenshots as evidence of work to resolve schedule or billing disputes and to enhance accountability.

  • Top Apps & Websites Used: Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities by monitoring app and website usage.

​Task Detail:

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