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Navigating Insightful's Projects Section
Navigating Insightful's Projects Section

Learn how to use Insightful's Projects section to view time employees spent on projects or specific tasks, projects status and it's costs

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Insightful application's Projects section enables efficient project monitoring and ensures accurate resource allocation and productivity assessment. It allows users to monitor time employees spent on projects, project status and associated costs.

By accessing the Projects section, users can view detailed information such as project names, assigned tasks, total time, costs and employee utilization percentages. Additionally, users can analyze project data within specific time frames and access project overviews, task boards, employee contributions and screenshots for enhanced project management and tracking.

Choosing the Time frame

Data on each project or task can be viewed from the date it was created up to the present moment, or one can choose to analyze project/task related data in a specific period. To do this one can click on the specific project, then on the calendar in the upper left corner and choose a specific date or date range.โ€‹

Projects Main Dashboard

  • Choose Projects on the Sidebar and on the Projects Main Dashboard you will see a list of all your projects, with basic information (such as Project Name, Assignees, Tasks, Total Time, Clocked Time, Manual Time, Bill Rate, Total Costs, and Created at) on each one.

  • Click on a project name to see that specific project's Overview.

    • If you are doing it from the Insightful tab, you will be able to see the Kanban task board, which is only available for projects created within the Insightful app.

    • In the second tab, called Integrated, you will be able to see projects created within a project management tool integrated with your Insightful application.

Individual Project's Overview Page

On an Individual Project Overview Page, regardless of whether the project was created in the Insightful app or using a project management tool, you will find the Total time on project, Income, Labor cost, and Utilization percentage of employees that work on the project on the top of the page.

When accessing your own projects within Insightful, you'll be able to view the following:


The first section of the Project overview is Tasks. Here you can see the progress and status of each task and time spent on them. In this section only, there is a difference between looking at the information for projects created within Insightful application and projects created with the help of integrations with project management tools.

You will be able to see the Kanban styled Tasks board only for your own projects created within Insightful application and visible on the Insightful tab,

For projects in the Integrated section (those synced with external project management tools) the tasks are shown as in the image below.

Assigned Employees

Scroll down over Tasks Board to see a list of all Assigned Employees who are contributing to the project. With the following data about each of them:

  • The team they belong to,

  • their total and clocked time on the project,

  • computer activities time,

  • manual time,

  • their productive time,

  • individual utilization in percentages,

  • pay rate and earnings.

Time on Project

Below assigned employees, you will find a graph of time spent on Project per day.


The last section of the specific projects page will show assigned employees' screenshots during the time they were working on the Project.

Top Apps and Websites

Here are the Top Apps and Websites used during work on the project.

Project detail review

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