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View and pay your invoices in Insightful App
View and pay your invoices in Insightful App

View & Pay Your Invoices Quickly Via Insightful Application's Billing Dashboard

Written by Katarina Dakic
Updated over a week ago

To view all your invoices, go to your Settings โ†’ Billing and click on the Invoices tab. Here, you will find all invoices that need to be paid, as well as the history of closed invoices.

To view the Billing tab in Insightful you need respective permission in the application. This tab is most commonly accessible to all organization Admins and to Managers with Billing permission.

Understanding your invoice details

All invoices contain the following details:

  • Billing period

  • Subscription plan

  • Number of licenses

  • Prorated amount for the previous billing period

  • The due date for the invoice

  • Amount of the invoice (including tax)

  • Status of the invoice (open or closed)

You will notice that invoices can be in two possible statuses:

  • Open status: all unpaid invoices or invoices in any other status, such as currently uncollectible invoices that are expected to become collectible,

  • Closed status: includes paid and voided invoices,

Paying your invoice

To pay your invoice, simply click on the Pay invoice button, and you will be redirected to Stripe, where you can choose your preferred payment method.

You can pay with a link, card, bank transfer or cash app pay.

You can also view and download any invoices in closed status by simply clicking on the three dots and choosing the View invoice option.

Once you click on the View invoice option, you will be redirected to Stripe, where you can download the invoice.

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