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Managing Productivity With Apps & Websites Labelling
Managing Productivity With Apps & Websites Labelling

Learn how to label apps, websites and categories per Team, and how that helps Insightful track employee productivity

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Insightful help boost productivity by categorizing apps and websites as productive, neutral, or unproductive. This labeling system enables precise tracking of work-related tasks versus potential distractions. With customizable productivity calculations and detailed reporting, organizations can optimize productivity tracking and analysis to suit their needs.

Whenever one of your employees uses an app or a website for the first time, Insightful will prompt you to review it via the notification button in the top right corner. This is a one-time only action required for every new app or website.

Clicking on the notification will take you to the Productivity screen where you can review apps and websites and apply productivity labels and settings individually or in bulk.

Labeling individual apps and websites

Apps and websites that your employees use can be labeled as:

  • Productive - Content that is relevant to a team's work;

  • Neutral - Content that is being used daily, but neither obstructs or distracts from work, nor is it directly involved in getting the job done;

  • Unproductive - Private content viewed during working hours, content that distracts from job tasks, etc.

The productivity labels are applied for all Apps and Websites on the organizational level but can be adjusted on team level if needed.

Let's take social networks for example - this can be highly distracting content for the majority of your teams (development, accounting etc.), but is considered productive for your PR or Marketing teams that are handling social media marketing. So, while Social Media apps and websites are labeled as unproductive for your organization, you can still mark these as productive only for selected teams.

Employee Productivity tracking

Once the content has been reviewed and labeled as Productive, Unproductive or Neutral, Insightful will start tracking time employees spent on each app or website according to your labeling.

On top of calculating total Productive, Unproductive and Neutral time for each employee and/or Team, Insightful will enable you to analyze the tracked data in various off-the-shelf Reports.

Additionally, feel free to customize the Productivity calculation so it best suits your needs in Settings → Productivity → Productivity Calculation tab.

Unreviewed content will be tracked as Neutral until labeled accordingly. Make sure to label new apps, websites or categories as soon as they appear in your Notifications for most accurate results.

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