Productivity Labeling: Introduction

Streamline productivity tracking by labeling categories of apps and websites as productive, neutral, or unproductive for your organization

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For productivity tracking to work properly, Insightful needs to know if you consider every used app or website productive, neutral, or unproductive for your business.

To help you properly structure the productivity matrix within your company, we created Organization Level Productivity Labeling - the module that saves you time when reviewing apps and websites your team uses.

How Productivity labeling works

Here’s how this module works:

  • We’re making the process of initial labeling super-fast by enabling admins and/or managers to do it for the entire organization at once, instead per each team

  • Exceptions for each team can easily be handled by admins and/or managers on an individual basis

  • Admins will handle labeling on an organizational level

  • Managers will handle labeling for their respective teams

  • You can easily apply the same productivity labels and settings in bulk for multiple apps and websites

To Access your Organization’s Productivity Labeling go to Settings → Productivity → Apps and Websites tab.

If you are an admin, you are also welcome to try out our Recommendations mode which will help you label apps and websites quickly based on our recommendations. Of course, there is an option to override them if they don't suit your needs.

Note: Admins will be able to access data for your entire Organization, whereas Managers will be able to do so according to their defined scope (Team).

You can also check out the video walkthrough for this feature.

👉 Please note

The Threshold button serves as a filter for app and website usage data, showing only activities exceeding 15 minutes. However, when turned off, it will display applications with less than 15 minutes of usage. Usage is calculated daily at midnight UTC, revealing apps used for over 15 minutes on that day. This functionality is automatically removed from an organization's account 30 days after its creation.

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