Productivity Trends Dashboard

Measure and compare employee utilization and productive time over any time period using Insightful's Productivity Trends dashboard

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Productivity Trends dashboard, visible to Managers (for data on teams and employees within their scope) and Admins, enables them to use the collected data to measure and analyze employee utilization and productive time over any chosen period of time - and forge actions to improve it.

With the aid of functions like top five lists of employees, teams and apps and by analyzing cumulative data and comparing it to past performance, Admins and Managers can identify trends and areas for improvement, allowing for informed decision-making and performance optimization.

What Productivity Trends Dashboard shows

Trends data is a cumulative number displayed for the chosen period, and the change percentage (green/red arrows) is based on the comparison to the same amount of time in the past.

The Timeline shows cumulative data, and the meaning of each time block is displayed in the legend below. The same applies to both Activities and Utilization tabs.

The date range filter can be set to a specific time frame (the current limit is 6 months) and a filter for Employees or Teams can be added in order to view data only for specific people or teams.

Top 5 lists

You can also see the top five lists with enriched data for any employee, team or app, so you can always follow the trends and have a better understanding of their performance.

The following top 5 lists are available:

  • Top 5 list of the most productive and the most unproductive Employees (sorted by the utilization percentage).

  • Top 5 list of the most productive and the most unproductive Teams (sorted by the utilization percentage).

  • Top 5 Apps & Websites - most time-consuming Apps & Websites. Please note that if a Manager is looking at this screen and they do not have permission for Can view Apps and Websites Usage, they won’t be able to see this section.

👉Good to know

  • If you select different teams with different label setups, there is a chance for the app to be displayed in both Productive and Unproductive lists.

  • Unlabeled apps will be displayed in the Neutral list.

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