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Productivity labeling: Auto-labeling Mode
Productivity labeling: Auto-labeling Mode

How to apply productivity labels on apps and websites automatically and in real time

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When Auto-labeling Mode is enabled, apps and websites will be automatically labeled in real-time. Apps and websites will be labeled without requiring your input, following the best industry practices, and taking into account your previous labeling preferences.

Please note: If you are switching from Recommendations to Auto-labeling Mode, it will be applied only to unlabeled apps and websites. We never want to override any labels that have already been set by the Recommendations Mode. You can also easily override the auto labels and manually apply alternative labels of your preference.

This feature is available exclusively at the organizational level, which means that only administrators have this permission.

Here is how to access and effortlessly review labels set by the Auto-labeling Mode through Alerts or by navigating to Settings.


You will receive updates on auto-labeled apps and websites through in-app notifications. By clicking on the Bell icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can access auto-labeling updates. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Information on the total number of unlabeled apps and websites: This information indicates that Insightful couldn't generate labels for the shown number of apps and websites, which requires you to manually label them. The "Unlabeled" category includes apps and websites for which Insightful currently doesn't have any recommendations.

  • Information on the total number that was automatically labeled

πŸ‘‰ Please note that the total number of auto-labeled apps and websites in the notification refers to the monthly auto-labeled applications and websites. This number is updated daily as new apps and websites are being labeled.


Besides in-app notifications, you can easily access and view auto-labeled apps and websites by simply navigating to Settings β†’ Productivity β†’ All apps & websites β†’ choose the Auto-labeled filter and click Apply.

Additionally, you can filter the Auto-labeled apps & websites by Productive, Unproductive, or Neutral categories.

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