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Managing Projects and Tasks on Insightful Widget
Managing Projects and Tasks on Insightful Widget

Learn how to manage Projects and Tasks on Insightful Widget, including adding Tasks and tracking time on them

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Insightful Widget serves as a personalized dashboard for employees, providing an organized view of their assigned projects and tasks.

It allows users to efficiently manage their workload by displaying project summaries, task lists, and essential task attributes like priority and progress status. Additionally, employees can seamlessly add new tasks directly from the widget, streamlining task management and fostering productivity.

To utilize this capability of the Widget, organizations needs to use one of the following options:

  1. Use Insightful's Project-based attendance tracking option, where the application operates in Visible mode.

  2. Utilize another attendance tracking option provided by Insightful, where the app operates in Visible mode, and organization Admins have granted employees permissions to track time on projects and add new tasks.

If any of the mentioned criteria is not met the Projects and the information related to them will not be displayed on the Widget.

Assigned Projects List

Upon Clocking-In on the Insightful Widget users will first see their Assigned Projects list with an overview list of all projects they are working on with total time spent on all the Tasks for each Project individually, as well as which Project currently has Task Timer active.

After selecting a Project what will appear is a Tasks List where users are able to see a list of all the tasks within that project and can also Start/Stop the Task Timer and edit its Progress.

Individual Project's Task List

Each of the tasks on the list has the following attributes displayed:

  • Task name,

  • Start/Stop button (these are used to start and stop the timer for the task),

  • Total time spent on the task,

  • Task priority (Low, Medium or High as assigned by the responsible manager),

  • Task progress status label (To Do, In Progress or Done).

Learn more in the video below:

πŸ‘‰ Good to know

  • Default Task Progress labels are To do, On hold, In progress and Done. A different one can be assigned and changed for each task anytime by either Employee on the Widget or Admin/Manager on the dashboard.

  • Task Priority (Low, Medium or High) can be assigned and changed per task by Admin/ Manager from the Dashboard only.

Adding New Tasks

Adding a new Task can be simply done by employees from the Widget by clicking on the Add New Task button that can be found on the Widget itself.

For Employees to be able to add Tasks from the Widget at least one Project has to be created.

Managing projects and tasks on the Insightful Widget includes both projects that have been created within Insightful app and projects imported into Insightful via integrations with various Project management tools.

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