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Receive Reports by Email
Receive Reports by Email

Automatically send out analytics data and reports from Insightful to emails addresses of your choice.

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Email Reports feature in Insightful allows users to automatically send analytics data and reports to designated email addresses, enhancing visibility and facilitating further analysis outside of the Insightful platform.

With customizable options for frequency, recipients, content and filtering, users can tailor reports to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring relevant insights are delivered efficiently and effectively.

To start creating your own report please navigate to Settings β†’ Email Reports and then click Create New Report in the upper right corner.

When creating a report, you can define:


When do you want the report to be sent out:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly


Who should receive this report:

  • Yourself

  • + 10 additional email recipients


Which reports do you want to have included:

  • Productivity

  • Attendance

  • Apps & Website Usage

  • Time on Projects

  • Time on Tasks


Which employees do you want included in the report:

  • Whole Organization or

  • Specific Employee(s) or

  • Specific Team(s)

What email report looks like

Reports include .csv files for further analysis:

When are reports sent out?
Emails are sent out at midnight (user time zone) at the end of the period (day, week, month) selected in the report. Information about user time zone is taken when the report is created/updated.

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