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Activities Timeline report: Understand and analyze Team activities
Activities Timeline report: Understand and analyze Team activities

Analyze the data on daily activities of your employees and optimize your workforce management with Insightful's Timeline report

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When you need help with fine-tuning your team's shifts coverage and breaks schedule, or you want to ensure the needed level of employee engagement levels and optimize workload balancing and prevent burnout - Insightful's Timeline report will fully support your endeavors.

What is the Timeline report

Timeline is a report within the Activity dashboard that provides you with a single view of all the activities of your employees active on a selected day. It consists of Activity timeline graph, Employee name and the three optional columns: Team name, current Active time and Engagement (that can be included or excluded from the view).

Timeline graph shows daily employee active time, idle time, break time and break time overages (if break overage is allowed and set up in Insightful Tracking settings).

You can see Summarized data on top of the graph showing per hour activities of all the employees during the selected date.

There are also filters and search box to help you get more specific data for specific teams or employees.

Timeline activity report dashboard is available out-of-the-box without any setup required.

You can reach this dashboard by clicking on Activities → Timeline tab.

Timeline graph and activity tooltip

The Timeline graph shows the daily activities chronologically for each day.

  • Active time is displayed as purple boxes on the graph and when hovering over them, a tooltip reveals additional info:

  • Idle time is displayed as white box / area with purple lines.

  • Break time will be represented as lighter blue areas,

  • Break time overage will be represented with darker blue color.

Idle time, break time and break time overage tooltips also show more detail when hovering over them (start / end timestamps and total time of the logged activity / inactivity).

  • Summarized data row is the top row on the graph. It allows you to see the number of active users per day per hour. The highest bar represents the hours with the highest number of active minutes in that day, whereas the non-existent bar represents no activity in that hour. All other values are relative to the beforementioned two.

  • Hovering over each hour's bar reveals a tooltip showing:

    • timespan,

    • number of active employees vs total employee number,

    • number of employees that were on a break

    • the number of employees that had a break overage,

    • number of productive, unproductive and neutral apps and websites usage

    • view logs button​

If there are no activities for a chosen day, or the Employee/Team that is filtered does not have any activities, a No Data screen is presented. Furthermore, only employees that have had activities logged for selected date will appear on the dashboard. Ones that were not active on the selected day will not appear on the list.

Customizing the Timeline report

Timeline report can be customized to match your preferences by utilizing Calendar and Filters but also by including or excluding some Columns to gain more viewing real estate or more data displayed.

  • Calendar can be set to any desired date you wish to view the data for.

  • Filters can be utilized to show displayed data by the selected Employee(s), Team(s) or Scheduled work (work done within and/or outside of scheduled shifts).

    • Work employees have performed within Scheduled time is visualized differently on the Timeline graph than the work performed outside the Scheduled time.

  • Optional columns that you can add or remove to display or hide Team name, total Active time and Engagement for selected date.

Once you have your customized view in front of you, you can start analyzing activities data for multiple employees at the same time.

Employee Activity in Detail

When you need an even more detailed understanding of your employees' activities you can analyze the in-depth data displayed on Insightful's Activity Logs tab.

Activity logs are showing minute-by-minute activities your employees are taking on apps & websites.

Activity Logs are a Premium Feature available to all accounts for a short preview period.

Exploring Individual Employee Activities

Besides the company-wide Activity Timeline, Insightful allows you to dive into the activities of individual employees on their respective pages, providing a detailed view of their daily activities.

See their daily activities, compare them across days, and gain valuable insights into work patterns.

The Activities Timeline helps Admins and Managers track Employee habits, identify idle periods, and make objective evaluations for performance improvement. It's customizable for specific Employees and date ranges, supports overnight shifts, and integrates seamlessly with Logs for a user-friendly experience.

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