Insightful enables you to customize the Productivity score calculation according to your business requirements. πŸ™Œ

πŸ‘‰ Firstly, your Organization's Admins can choose what they consider Productive in Settings >> Productivity >> Calculation:

  • Productive Time (default choice)

  • Neutral Time

  • Manual Productive Time

  • Manual Neutral Time

  • Break Time

Then, select the comparison criteria, and the Productivity score will tell you how much time your Employees or Teams spent on productive activities in comparison to one of the following:

  1. Active Time (Productive + Neutral + Unproductive + Unlabeled + Manual Time)

  2. Work Time (Active + Idle + Manual + Break Time)

  3. Fixed Hours for Any Day - in this case please set:

  • Targeted Number of Hours (for an Employee to be Productive)

  • Threshold (minimal amount of time to consider a day as a working day)

During the customization process, the calculation example will update automatically to show you the results of the selected settings.

❗ Note: The productivity formula will be applied on historical data as well. Custom productivity formula is not applied to Projects. On Employee Projects tab productivity is calculated based on "Clocked time" on project, while on Projects page, productivity is calculated based on "Computer activity" .

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