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Understanding Employee Timesheets
Understanding Employee Timesheets

What is Work time? How do we calculate Idle or Break time?

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Insightful provides detailed employee time sheets with break outs for different time categories.

Your employee time sheets will look like this:

Check out the following video for a detailed walkthrough:

Additionally, let's break down each column together:

  1. Work Time
    Work time is the total time recorded between employee clock-in and clock-out. See below for more specifics on how this works based on your Insightful installation type (e.g. Stealth Mode) and settings.

  2. Computer Activity
    Computer Activity is the total time spend actively working at a computer during their Work time. (Idle time is not included here).

  3. Manual Time
    Used to log and track any work-related activities that happen offline, or are not computer-based. Manual Time Entries, once processed, will be displayed here and in other Dashboard tables.

  4. Productive
    Based on your productivity label settings, Productive time will include the total time spent on productive activities during Work time.

  5. Unproductive
    Based on your productivity label settings, Unproductive time will include the total time spent on unproductive activities during Work time.

  6. Neutral
    Based on your productivity label settings, Neutral time will include the total time spent on neutral activities during Work time. Not reviewed activities will be considered neutral as well.

  7. Idle Time
    Idle Time represents the total amount of time where a user was not actively working on the computer during their Work Time. Learn More.

  8. Break Time
    Break Time represents the amount of time that was taken as a break by your employees during their Work time.

  9. Productivity
    This % score is calculated according to a calculation formula you choose in Settings >> Productivity >> Calculation that best suits your business' requirements. The Productivity score will tell you how much time your Employees or Teams spent on productive activities in comparison to one of the following:

  • Active Time (Productive + Neutral + Unproductive + Unlabeled + Manual Time)

  • Work Time (Active + Idle Time + Manual + Break Time)

  • Fixed Hours for Any Day

👉 Find out more on Productivity calculation formulas in this article.

You can customize your column view or export the sheets for offline analysis.

Note: In case you customize the column view on your Dashboard, please bear in mind that this will be reflected in the exported CSV, i.e. if you hide one column, the data from that column won't be present in the export.


Here is another way to look at some of the key column calculations:

Work time = Computer Activity + Idle Time + Manual Time + Break Time

Computer Activity time = Productive Time + Unproductive Time + Neutral Time

Productivity = Customizable formula in Settings >> Productivity >> Calculation


How Clock Times are calculated in Stealth Mode

If you're using Stealth Mode with Always Tracking, Clock Time will be calculated as time of first computer activities until the last computer activity recorded for that day.

For example if a user's computer is inactive for a period during the day and goes into sleep mode the clock out time will represent the last time of recorded activity.

Note: If a computer goes inactive for more than 4 hours Insightful will automatically close a clock time and when the computer is active again it will be the start of a new clock time.

Sync delay

Insightful is delivering most of its data in real time. Minor discrepancies caused by sync delay can be experienced though, most commonly with network / internet difficulties on end user's side. This usually doesn't last long and the data is correctly recalculated immediately after the delay.

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