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Installing Insightful on Company computers without users knowing it

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This guide will show you how to perform a silent installation of the Insightful application that won't display at employees' interface or prompt for input. Installing the application silently is helpful as it doesn’t distract employees from their work and the installation process is done faster.

Instructions for Windows OS

To perform a silent install on a Windows OS device, you should input the below command from a command line window opened in administrator mode:

msiexec /i c:\path\to\insightful.msi /qn or msiexec /i insightful.msi /qn if the command line is opened directly from the folder containing the installation file.

Note: Make sure you are running Command-Prompt or PowerShell as an Administrator, as an error message will prevent the installation if not run by an Administrator.

Instructions for macOS

To perform a silent install on a macOS device, as there is no installation file but rather an installation script when copy/pasting the installation code into Terminal, you should add this extension at the end of the link: &>/dev/null &

  1. Performing a silent install on a macOS device involves using an installation script instead of a traditional installation file. When copying and pasting the installation code into Terminal, (remember to) add this extension at the end of the link: &>/dev/null &

  2. Silent installations on macOS devices use installation scripts instead of traditional installation files. To initiate a silent install using Terminal, add &>/dev/null & to the end of the installation script's link when pasting it into the command line.

Admin privileges are necessary for the successful execution of the script; otherwise, an error may occur during installation.

👉 Good to know: After the successful installation, there will not be any kind of success message, but you should be able to see the application running in Task Manager or Activity Monitor.

If you require steps for silent uninstallation, please contact our Support Team at and we will be happy to share the instructions with you.

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