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Supported authenticator apps [2FA]
Supported authenticator apps [2FA]

List of mobile apps you can use for two step verification for your Insightful login with 2FA enabled

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Here is the list of mobile apps that supports time-based token which you can use to authenticate your two step sign in

Note: Insightful does not own or manage any of the listed apps. We don't provide any direct support or guarantees for these apps.



Windows Phone:

Windows, macOS, Linux:

If you don't already have and use any of the above mentioned mobile apps, to get you started click on the links or search for any of the listed apps on your google play or app store, download and install the app and run it.

As a first time user you would either have to create an user account within the authenticator app first by leaving your mobile number, email address and verify with a code they will send you (with Authy for example), or login with the existing account, (eg. with Microsoft or Google accounts for their Authenticator apps), and start the process of Insightful 2FA activation by scanning the QR code or entering a 24 digit code received in Insightful settings.

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