At Insightful, we take pride in billing our customers fairly and our billing system is built around that - you will only ever be billed for what you use. βš–οΈ

In case you've had changes in the number of monitored employees during a monthly billing cycle, Insightful will calculate the remaining time left per each employee before your next billing cycle on a prorated basis and charge (or refund) you only for the % of time remaining. Let's look at an example:

Acme Company adds 10 employees on the Employee Monitoring price plan. On the first invoice they pay 10 * $8 = $80 (USD).

Halfway through the monthly billing date, they add 2 more employees.
Then, with 10 days left before the next billing date, they add 3 more employees.

On the next invoice Acme Company will be billed for:

  • 15 employees * $8 = $120 (full amount for the month ahead)

  • 50% of $8 for 2 employees = $8 (1/2 of previous month overage)

  • 30% of $8 for 3 employees = $7.2 (1/3 of previous month overage)

πŸ‘‰ Each change in the number of licenses will be visible in your invoice break-down as separate line items for easier reference.

❗ Note: In case you upgrade your plan or add more employees than what you started with during an annual contract, you will be billed for this expansion once the amount exceeds $200. For more on how pro-rated billing works with adding and removing employees for annual subscriptions, click here.

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