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How much will I be charged?
How much will I be charged?

Understanding how we bill clients for their Insightful usage

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Depending on the Insightful price plan that you have subscribed for, you will be billed on a per-user basis for each employee device on your account.

Note: Insightful does not bill for Admins and Managers that have access to your Insightful Dashboard, only for the number of monitored employees.

For example, if you are on the Employee Monitoring plan, you will be charged $8 per month for each monitored employee that is on your account.

Insightful also supports multiple devices per one employee, so in a situation where:

  • one employee has Insightful installed on several devices, and these devices are merged into one, you will be billed only once, whereas if

  • one employee uses several devices that are unmerged, you will be charged additionally per each device.

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