Blurred Screenshots

Provide an additional layer of privacy to your Employees by blurring the taken screenshots of their screens

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On top of the standard privacy settings, Insightful enables you to apply an additional level of privacy to your Employees, in order to prevent recording any private or sensitive information, such as banking details, private messages, passwords etc. from their screens.

❗ Note: Blurring screenshots is available for setup only to users with Admin permission.

Enabling blurred screenshots

To enable blurred screenshots, you need to go to Settings β†’ Privacy and there you will be able to set this feature up according to your preferences:

  • Choose blurring intensity.

  • Save original screenshot as well (keep in mind that this will be a Premium feature).

❗ Note: When applied, screenshot blurring will be reflected on all future screenshots, but not on those already on your Dashboard.

Viewing blurred screenshots

When you are previewing a blurred screenshot, but have also set up saving the original, you will be able to view the original screenshot by clicking the dedicated button in the lower right corner as shown here:

❗ Note: If you set up screenshot blurring in your Settings, and take an On-demand screenshot, such screenshots will appear on the Screenshots page within 30 minutes after being taken when the processing is finished.

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