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Setting up Screenshots: Configuration guide
Setting up Screenshots: Configuration guide

Understanding screenshots settings and choosing the right ones for your needs

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Along with other tracking-related preferences, screenshots can be set up in Settings β†’ Tracking Settings and the desired settings will be applied on the organization level - for all your employee users.

However, you can change the screenshot setup for individual employees with employee settings override by clicking on Employee name β†’ Settings and choosing the following:

  • Screenshot access: Whether you will grant your employee access to their screenshots and whether they will be able to delete them.

  • Screenshot taking frequency: Choose the number of taken screenshots per hour per employee - or disable screenshots entirely.

❗ Note: Screenshots are being taken in randomized intervals, but per desired frequency.

And you're good to go - you can now view, delete, download and zoom in on screenshots captured by Insightful.

❗ Note: If your employees work on dual monitor setup, Insightful will capture the data from both displays.

πŸ‘‰ In case you need to take screenshots of a certain employee's screen in real-time, learn how to do it in this article.

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