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Learn how to manually take screenshots in real-time

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On-demand screenshots allow Admins and Managers, with the necessary permissions, to manually capture screenshots of employees' screens in real-time, capturing what they are currently working on.

Creating Screenshots in real-time

You can take On-demand screenshots from the Real time insights screen. To take a screenshot, simply click on the camera icon on the right side in line with the selected employee.

Accessing manually taken Screenshots

The taken screenshot becomes almost instantly available for you to review, zoom in on, see the app/website in focus and its productivity label etc.

If you request multiple screenshots of multiple employees consecutively, the screenshot you requested first will be previewed as described above, and the others will be available in the Screenshots page.

If you set up screenshot blurring in your Settings, and take a screenshot on-demand, such screenshots will appear on the Screenshots page within 30 minutes after being taken.


Filtering Screenshots

The Screenshots page can be filtered by desired criteria:

This allows you to quickly find and review only the screenshots you took manually.

Additionally, on-demand screenshots will appear in the list with a gray ribbon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.

Who can take on-demand Screenshots?

For Admins this option is enabled by default.

For Managers to be able to take on-demand screenshots, they need to be allowed to view Screenshots in the first place. This can be set up on the following page: Settings → User management → Managers. It can be done when creating a new Manager or editing an existing one's settings.

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