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Manual Time Entry: How to submit and review
Manual Time Entry: How to submit and review

Manual Time Entry scopes and permissions explained

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Insightful's Manual Time Entry function enables employees to manually add non-computer work (e.g. meetings, phone calls etc.) to ensure a complete view of their productivity is presented. In case your Employees perform such activities, you can permit them to submit Manual Time Entries into Insightful or add Manual Time for them.

Permissions for Employees can be set up in Settings → Tracking Settings (for Admins) or in the Employee’s individual Settings (for Admina and Managers).

Who can manually add time and how?

Employees, Admins, and Managers can enter time manually from their respective Dashboard.

Manual Time Entries can be added by clicking on the Add Manual Time button present throughout the Dashboard:

  • Employees → Employee page → Timesheets tab

  • Employees → Employee page → Projects → Project Task

  • Time and Attendance → Manual Time tab

For more details feel free to watch our step-by-step video guide:

Once the Manual Time Entry is submitted, it will be sent to a relevant Admin / Manager for approval. In case the Admin / Manager has added the Manual Time Entry for an Employee from their Scope, it will be approved automatically.

Future updates will allow Manual Time Entries from the widget for Employees as well.


As an Admin, you will have permissions to:

  • Add Manual Time for the Employees.

  • Review all Manual Time entries (approve/reject).

  • Grant the same permissions to Managers for time entries of Employees within their scope (Settings → User Management → Managers).

Employees can preview Manual Time entries added by their Managers through Time and Attendance → Manual Time.

👉 Learn more on how to review Manual Time Entries as an Admin or a Manager.

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