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Manual Time Entry for Admins and Managers

How to review Manual Time Entries as Admin / Manager

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Insightful enables admins and managers to review and approve employee submissions for non-computer-related tasks like meetings and phone calls, as not all of their team's work happens in front of the screen.

This ensures a complete view of a team's productivity and allows for streamlined approval processes by setting specific entry types to be automatically approved.

Once you’ve enabled your Employees to submit Manual Time Entries into Insightful in your Organization's Tracking settings, here’s how you can manage Manual Time Entries as an Admin or Manager.

You can access all Manual time entries via a page within your Dashboard in Time and Attendance → Manual Time.

Approved manual time cannot be deleted or edited. Modifications can only be made while the time is in a "waiting for approval" status.

Reviewing and Adding Manual Time Entries

Besides accessing the requests through Time and Attendance, a new bell notification icon at the top of the screen will open the Notification bar, showing the number of Unreviewed Manual Time Entries.

By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Manual Time page where you can review all submissions. The default view is All Unreviewed (pending), but the filters can be changed if you click on Status next to the search bar.

You can also add Manual Time for your employees yourself and allow the same to Managers for Employees within their scope (Settings → User Management → Managers).

Each Manual time entry will have predefined Billable and Productivity flags that it will inherit from the associated Manual time entry type.

For example, if you mark Phone calls as always productive and non-billable, all phone calls will contain the same flags, but you will be able to override them per each entry when reviewing them.

Manual Time Entry types

By default, there are 5 Manual time entry types that you can review and later change (as Admin) in Settings → Manual time:

  • Phone call

  • Internal meeting

  • Meeting with clients

  • Training

  • Fieldwork

Manual Time Entry Approvals

When an Admin or a Manager adds a Manual Time Entry for an Employee within their scope, it will be automatically approved. Additionally, you can set up each type to be auto-approved so you don't have to review all of the manual time entries manually.

You can add/remove Manual time entry types, but keep in mind that you always need to have at least 1 Manual time entry type defined.

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