Shift Scheduling Setup

Customize Shift Scheduling according to your organization's requirements with Insightful Settings

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Using Insightful, Admins and Managers can tailor Shift Scheduling settings to their organization's needs. They can customize parameters such as Earliest Clock In, Latest Clock Out, Late threshold, Tolerance, and Notifications.

These settings ensure efficient management of employee shifts, enabling timely tracking and notifications for clock-in and clock-out times.

This is easily performed via the Settings →Alerts →Shift Scheduling tab.

Shift Scheduling Options

  • Earliest Clock In shows how much earlier (in minutes) the employees can start work. Starting work during this period means that the employee has started a scheduled shift. Starting work before the earliest Clock In will create a regular shift.

  • Latest Clock Out shows how much later (in minutes) the employees can work after a scheduled shift ends. Working after the defined threshold will create a regular shift.

  • Late threshold shows how much later (in minutes) after the scheduled Clock In the employees can start work without being declared as late.

  • Tolerance shows how much shorter than a scheduled shift (in minutes) the employees can work.

  • Notifications will be sent after reaching the threshold for sending latency/no-show notifications.

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