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Project Management Integrations: User Mapping
Project Management Integrations: User Mapping

Map unmatched users between your project management provider and Insightful

Written by Katarina Dakic
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During the setup process as an Admin, you will be prompted to map unmatched users between your project management provider and Insightful.

After successfully completing project selection, you will be taken to the User Mapping Screen.

How User Mapping works

We automatically perform matching based on email addresses. If email addresses do not align, we proceed to match users based on their full names (requiring an exact match of both First Name & Last Name).

In situations where we cannot identify matches using both email and full name, these users will remain unmatched. In such instances, you can manually match these users.

Even if you skip the user mapping process during the initial setup, you can revisit user mapping at any point. To do this, navigate to the integration with the needed tool and select Edit β†’ Edit Users.

Time tracking is not available for unmatched users. Only the tasks assigned to individuals that can be matched with project management can be tracked. Tickets assigned to unmatched users will be synced but remain unassigned in Insightful.

If you encounter any issues during the user mapping process, please don't hesitate to contact us at

This is the final step of the setup process. Once successfully completed, you can immediately start tracking time for both projects and tasks.

Project management integrations are available on the Time Tracking, Automatic Time Mapping and Enterprise plans.


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