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User roles and permissions: Introduction
User roles and permissions: Introduction

Difference between Admins, Managers, Clients and Employees

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In your Organization’s Insightful account, in Settings >> User management you will be able to set up different user roles and their respective permissions. Let’s go through these quickly:

  • Admins - Power users, a role that has all permissions and can add all other user roles and define their scopes and permissions and access all data within your Insightful account

  • Managers - can access all data within their Scope and Feature permissions - defined by an Admin

  • Clients - can access only the data related to their project and employees assigned to it

Note: The above-mentioned roles don’t need to have the Insightful app installed, neither will they count towards the number of monitored users (employees) nor affect your billing.

  • Employees - members of your Organization that are monitored via the Insightful app installed on their computers and can access their Dashboard data with limited permissions defined by an Admin

Note: The number of monitored Employees defines how much you will be billed.

For more on each role and its specifics, please check the individual articles.

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