Employee user role: Info employees can see

What data and stats of their own can employees see (and where in the app) and how to permit/restrict them the visibility of their data

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Employees can review the employee tracking data Insightful is logging on the Employee dashboard. The Dashboard is accessed by clicking on Open Dashboard from their Insightful widget (or, alternatively, by right-clicking on the Insightful icon from the sys or app tray and then clicking on Open Dashboard).

Locating Insightful Widget is different for users of different Operating systems:

  • For macOS users the Insightful widget can be found in the Menu bar in the upper right corner,

  • For Windows users the Widget can be found in the hidden icons on System tray in the lower right corner.

Users with Insightful running in Stealth mode on their devices will not be able to access the Widget.

If Employee Dashboard is bookmarked and accessed via browser directly, it might be unreachable. Each visit to the dashboard should be from the widget or Insightful icon.

Employee Dashboard Layout

Employee dashboard is customizable so the information Employees will be able to see on it is completely dependent on which permissions Admins enable them in Insightful application's settings.

The Dashboard looks the same as Admin and Manager ones but showing data enable by only certain permissions (most of these can be allowed / restricted by Admins).

Setting What Employees Can See

In bulk

To set/change in bulk what Employees can see in their Dashboard please follow these steps:

  • Once you are in the settings window, scroll down a bit to the Permissions and Screenshots sections,


To set/change what individual employees can see in their Dashboard please navigate to Employees page and click on the desired employee to open up their own page. You can find the Settings button on this page that you can click on.

That will open a new window in which you can customize the settings for the employee in question as you please.


Permissions that Admins can set will enable Employees to see various different sets of data about them.


The data on productivity will show Employee users their computer activities time, their productive/unproductive/neutral times, their Idle time - Time and Attendance dashboard, and their own Employee page.

If this permission is not checked employees will still have core access and see their attendance data - Work time and their Clock In / Clock Out timestamps. Productivity data will appear as all zeros and all Work time will be displayed as Idle.

Apps & Websites Usage

If enabled, this will allow Employees to see information on which apps & websites they've used on the Dashboard.

Add Manual Time

Allowing this options makes it possible for Employee users to submit their time manually from their respective Dashboards and it will be sent to a relevant Admin / Manager for approval.


If you use Insightful for project management with our Project Based Tracking plan, its crucial for you to allow employees to track their time on tasks which will activate this feature and add Insightful Task Widget to their devices allowing them to start/stop timers for their tasks and see data on projects and tasks they are working on.

For your employees to be able to see data related to Tasks your Insightful Visibility cannot be set to Stealth

With this permission allowed you can further allow employees to add new tasks to an existing project themselves.


If permitted, Employees can also see their own screenshots, or even have the ability to delete them. If personal or sensitive info is caught in a screenshot, employees can review or delete it and have control of their privacy.

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