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We've designed this guide to help you understand all things billing at Insightful

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The basics
At Insightful, we take pride in billing our customers fairly and our billing system is built around that - you will only ever be billed for what you use. ⚖️

In this billing guide we will answer:

  • Is my Credit Card Safe?

  • How much will I be charged?

  • What happens when I add or remove employees?

  • How do prorated charges work?

  • How can I make sense of my invoice?

  • Why do I see the 'Remaining time' and 'Unused time' line items on my invoice?


Is my Credit Card Safe?
Workpuls never receives or stores your credit card. When you enter your credit card into Workpuls it is sent encrypted to Stripe, our 3rd party PCI Compliant billing partner.


How much will I be charged?
Depending on the Insightful plan that you have subscribed for you will be billed on a per-user basis for each employee device on your account. Workpuls does not bill for Admin or Managers only for employees.

For example, if you are on the 'Productivity Management' plan you will be charged $6 per month for each employee that is on your account.

Insightful does not currently support multiple devices per one employee so in a situation where Insightful is installed on multiple devices for one employee each device is billed as an additional employee.


What happens when I add or remove employees?
During any billing cycle, you are free to add or remove as many employees as you like. By design, we've made this frictionless, for example, when installing Insightful using the 'Company Computer' option new employees are added each time the file is installed on a device.

At the beginning of each billing cycle, you are billed for the current amount of employees on the account, at that time. If you add or remove an employee from your account during a billing cycle our billing system will automatically recognize that and manage the 'prorated' charge on your next invoice.

Insigthful does not charge for de-activated employees.


How do prorated charges work?
Insightful will calculate the remaining time left before your next billing cycle on a prorated basis and charge (or refund) you only for the % of time remaining. Let's look at an example:

Acme Company adds 10 employees to the Productivity Management package. On the first invoice, they pay 10*6 = $60 (USD).

 - Halfway through the monthly billing date they add 2 more employees.
 - Then with 10 days left before the next billing date they add 3 more employees.

On the next invoice, Acme Company will be billed for:

  • 15 employees * $6 = $90 (full amount for the month ahead)

  • 50% of $6 for 2 employees = $6 (1/2 of previous month overage)

  • 30% of $6 for 3 employees = $5.4 (1/3 of previous month overage)

Total Invoice Amount: $101.4

To summarize: The second invoice will include both the full amount for the month ahead as well as any overages from the previous month. We believe this is the most fair way to bill our customers and want to point out that this works the exact same way when employees are removed. A discount will be applied on the next invoice for any unused time.


How can I make sense of my invoice?
Our invoices are a little bit complex, to say the least. But, we think that once you understand how our prorated billing works (see above) they will begin to make more sense. Let's break a sample invoice down together:

Wow, that's a lot of line items! 🤯

In the invoice above we can see:

The company is on the $6 per month 'Productivity Management' Plan.

During the previous billing term (Feb 21 - March 20), they:

 - Added 1 on 21st Feb
 - Added 26 more on 15th March
 - Added 3 more 16th March
 - Added 1 more 17th March
 - Added 10 more 18th March
 - Added 6 more 19th March
 - Added 1 more 20th March

For a total of 48 employees

As a result, they are being charged for 48 employees for the next billing term (March 20 - April 21). 48 * $6 = $288

As well as the prorated calculated overages from the previous billing term: $52.16

For a total of: $340.16

Note: Invoices are sent automatically to your email address after every charge. They can also be reviewed within app in Settings>Billing>Invoices


Why do I see 'Remaining time' and 'Unused time' line items on my invoice?

In the sample invoice above we can see:

Here the account initially had 1 employee and then added 26 more during the previous term. What we are essentially saying is:
 - We will refund you for the unused time for that 1 employee
 - We will not charge you for 27 users for the remaining time

Every time employees are added or removed during a billing term we do this same thing and then total it all up together on the next invoice.


We understand that this can all be a little bit complex, but feel that it's the right thing to do. Charge only for what is actually used and communicate that with you.

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